Getting Started With Procreate For Beginners

Procreate is the platform assembled for the artist; there is no doubt Procreate is Loved by creative professionals. Procreate has everything you need to create expressive sketches, rich paintings, gorgeous illustrations, and beautiful animations. Procreate is the complete art studio you can take anywhere, packed with unique features and intuitive, creative tools.

When I was researching Procreate, I found it is the best platform, especially for both beginners & professionals. So, I decided to embrace the quality of the platform, so here it is. In short, this blog will be the only blog in which you can get everything under one roof. 

Procreate is a raster graphics editor app for digital painting developed and published by Savage Interactive for iOS and iPad. Designed in response to the artistic possibilities of the iPad, it was launched on the App Store (iOS) in 2011.

Procreate aims to recreate the natural feel of physical drawing while utilizing the practical advantages of a digital platform. It offers over 130 customizable brush presets, multiple layers, blend modes, masks, 4K resolution export of process videos, autosave, and many other digital art tools. In addition to raster graphics, this software has limited abilities to edit and render text and vector graphics. Procreate is designed for multi-touch and the Apple Pencil. It also supports several third-party styluses and imports/exports to Adobe Photoshop. PSD format.

A Snap Of History Of Procreate

An award-winning platform like Procreate is the must-go platform for learners, and at the same time, you can express yourself via art on the canvas. Gradually, Procreate was started in 2011 by the Tasmanian Software company' Savage Interactive' with many useful features. After winning an Apple Design Award in June 2013, Savage launched Procreate 2 with iOS 7, adding new features such as higher resolution capabilities and more brush options.

In 2016, Procreate became one of the top ten best-selling iPad apps on the App Store. It rose into the top two in 2017. In 2018, Procreate became the overall best-selling iPad app.

Procreate Pocket 

Procreate Pocket was released to the App Store in December 2014. Pocket originally included most tools found in Procreate but has yet to include any features released on the original Procreate app since its release. In 2018, Savage launched Procreate Pocket 2.0 in the App Store. In December 2018, Procreate Pocket received Apple's “App of the Year” award.

As of April 2023, the most recent version of Procreate Pocket (for the iPhone) is 4.0.8

Procreate has become the go-to choice for artists, illustrators, and designers worldwide. Its continuous updates and improvements have ensured it remains at the forefront of digital art, pushing boundaries and inspiring countless creations. Procreate has democratized art and fostered a vibrant community of artists who share and learn from each other's work. As we look back at the history of Procreate, we recognize its pivotal role in shaping the digital art landscape and empowering artists to bring their visions to life with remarkable ease and artistic freedom.

Explore The Features Of Procreate 

A perfect bundle of procreate features can make you more irresistible and eager to try it out. Procreate offers a treasure trove of features that empower artists to unleash their creativity and bring their artistic vision to life. 

With its extensive brush library, artists can choose from various brushes, ranging from realistic textures to digital effects, allowing for endless possibilities in creating unique and captivating artwork. The layering system in Procreate enables artists to work with multiple layers, making it easy to organize and manipulate elements of their composition with precision and flexibility. 

The app's intuitive interface and gesture-based controls provide a seamless and immersive drawing experience, allowing artists to focus on their craft without distractions. Procreate also boasts advanced tools, such as selection tools, transformation options, blending modes, and filters, that enhance the artistic process and unlock new creative avenues. 

Additionally, Procreate supports high-resolution canvases, ensuring that artists can work on intricate details and achieve stunning results. With its robust feature set, Procreate has become a trusted companion for artists, illustrators, and digital creatives seeking a powerful and versatile tool to explore their artistic potential.

Valkyrie Graphics Engine:

In 2019, Savage transitioned Procreate to its proprietary graphics engine, Valkyrie. This engine brought significant enhancements, offering customizable brush options and allowing artists to import Adobe Photoshop brushes for the first time. Procreate 5, alongside the Valkyrie engine, introduced Brush Studio—a powerful tool for creating and modifying brushes, with support for fine-tuning Apple Pencil settings.

Basic Tools:

The fundamental tools in Procreate, located in the top right of the program, include Paint (brush icon), Smudge (finger icon), and Erase (eraser icon). These tools empower artists with essential capabilities for painting, blending, and erasing within the digital canvas.

Brush Library:

Procreate provides diverse brush options, spanning drawing, calligraphy, airbrushing pens, abstract styles, charcoal, spray paint, luminance, and various water textures.


Users enjoy access to millions of color swatches. Colors can be added to palettes, displayed on the color disc, and effortlessly dragged and dropped anywhere on the canvas for seamless integration.


Procreate allows users to manage multiple layers, enabling adding, changing, deleting, or duplicating actions. Effects can be applied to layers, and merging layers is supported. Additionally, users can drag layers between canvases.


Different transformations, including rescaling, rotation, and distortion, are seamlessly integrated into Procreate's suite of tools.

Lasso Tools:

Procreate offers a selection of lasso tools, including Rectangular Marquee, Elliptical Marquee, Lasso, and Magnetic Lasso tools, enabling users to make precise selections for adjustments.

Eyedropper Tool:

Users can easily select colors by holding a finger on any part of the canvas, and dragging the finger across the screen facilitates color picking.

Color Adjustments:

Adjustments for hue, saturation, and brightness are conveniently located in the top-left corner of the program, allowing users to fine-tune the color attributes of their artwork.


Artists can control layers' transparency (opacity) through the Layers tab, adjusting the percentage for varying levels of visibility.


The Liquify tool in Procreate warps the layer being worked on, offering the capability to alter shapes or create unique effects in the artwork.


Procreate's Clone tool allows users to duplicate parts of a picture by dragging a disc to the desired area and drawing with the Apple Pencil.

Color Balance, Curves, Gradient Map:

Procreate provides tools like Color Balance, Curves, and Gradient Map for advanced color manipulation, allowing users to tweak tonalities and add smooth color transitions.

Blur Effects, Noise, Sharpen:

Various blur effects, noise addition, and sharpening tools create specific visual effects in the artwork, from motion blur to in-focus looks.

Bloom, Glitch, Halftone, Chromatic Aberration:

Procreate offers tools like Bloom, Glitch, Halftone, and Chromatic Aberration to adjust lighting effects, create glitches, add halftone textures, and distort colors for artistic expression.


Users can manage the canvas by cropping, adding guidelines, flipping, and checking canvas information. Animation features, including animation assist and page previews, enhance the overall creative experience in Procreate.

Complete control of Pencil

Artists can take full advantage of Pencil's tilt, pressure, and accuracy to paint, smudge, delete, and control their filters to make any type of impact on the image. 

Animation Assist.

Animation Assist, featuring onion skinning and instant playback, makes bringing your work to life easy. Now, anyone can make animatics, looping GIFs and storyboards quickly. And because you're working in an entire art studio, you can create seriously polished animation, too.


Procreate helps you to achieve the perfect shape in real-time every time. Because of QuickShape's design, it's always ready, and you can even fine-tune the shape before you continue on. No menus, modes, or buttons, just perfect geometry whenever you need it.

Drawing Guides.

Set your choice of Perspective Guides, Symmetry guides, 2D or Isometric grids. Then, enable Drawing Assist for an artistic superpower that allows you to draw perfect perspective and symmetrical drawings. So fast, so accurate, so simple.


Access six customizable menu buttons at the press and hold of a finger. Once assigned, simply flick in the direction of that button to execute your action in the blink of an eye.

Pen Tool 

This features allow you to create any type of custom shapes, objects and the best thing is you can save it as a template for further use. 

Cherry On the Top

Time-lapse Replay relive the creative process and see every single stroke bring your artwork to life in a beautiful time-lapse of your work.

These exceptional features kept Procreate apart from other software platforms and allowed you to explore your art and creativity to the next level. But at the same time, if we look at one drawback, so as mentioned above, this software can be heavy on your pocket as you need specific gadgets from the tech world. But I guess if you know how to make return profits from your art and creative graphics or selling your art, then it is a must-go option above all. 

Why Procreate Is The First Choice? 

As we all know, procreate is a fancy platform to go for, but many times fancy things can be more advantageous as this platform not only gives you a place to create your art but also a place to clean up your skills and color palette combinations. Your music ad-ons on the basics of the arts can sharpen up your blending game and enhance your smudge-proof graphics in one place. So, in this section, we will cover what sets procreate apart from all others. 

Easy Accessible 

Procreate prides itself on its easy and accessible user interface, making it a beloved choice among artists of all skill levels. When artists launch the app, they are greeted with an intuitive and visually appealing interface that welcomes creativity. The layout is thoughtfully designed, with all the essential tools conveniently placed within reach, allowing artists to navigate the app effortlessly. The app's gesture-based controls enhance the user experience, enabling artists to perform actions like zooming, rotating, and navigating through layers with simple and intuitive gestures.

Procreate's user-friendly interface ensures that artists can focus on their artwork without being overwhelmed by a steep learning curve. The app's accessibility extends to its comprehensive and user-friendly documentation, tutorials, and supportive online community, providing artists with the resources to explore and master the app's capabilities. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, Procreate's accessible user interface ensures that you can easily dive into your creative process and enjoy a seamless and enjoyable digital art experience.

Capture your ideas 

Capturing ideas is an essential part of the creative process, and Procreate provides a versatile platform for doing just that. With its built-in sketching tools, artists can quickly jot down their ideas, sketch rough concepts, and explore different compositions. The app's layers feature allows for experimentation and refinement, enabling artists to iterate and build upon their initial ideas. Additionally, Procreate's ability to import reference images or create mood boards within the app ensures that artists can gather visual inspiration and keep their ideas organized in one place. The app's seamless integration with iCloud and other cloud storage services also allows for easy access and syncing of artwork across multiple devices, ensuring every idea is recovered and remembered. With Procreate's powerful sketching, layering, and organization tools, artists can capture, develop, and nurture their ideas, transforming them into stunning and impactful creations.


While Procreate is primarily known as a digital art and illustration app, it offers features that allow artists to incorporate special effects into their artwork. With Procreate's extensive brush library and customizable settings, artists can create brush strokes that mimic various effects such as smoke, fire, water, or lightning. By experimenting with different brush styles, textures, and blending modes, artists can add dynamic and visually striking elements to their artwork. Additionally, Procreate's layering system provides flexibility in creating and manipulating effects. Artists can utilize blending modes, opacity adjustments, and layer masks to seamlessly integrate special effects into their compositions. While Procreate may have a different specialized tools and capabilities than dedicated visual effects software, it allows artists to experiment with and incorporate unique visual effects within their digital artwork.

Anything but basic 

Procreate goes beyond basic functionality, offering robust advanced features that empower artists to create stunning and intricate digital artwork. With Procreate's powerful brush engine, artists have unparalleled control over their brushstrokes, allowing them to achieve a wide range of textures, effects, and styles with precision and ease. The app's layering system offers blending modes, layer masks, and opacity adjustments, enabling artists to create complex and nuanced compositions. Procreate also supports high-resolution canvases, allowing artists to work on intricate details and produce artwork of exceptional quality. The app's selection tools, transformation options, and perspective guides further enhance the artist's toolkit, providing versatility and flexibility in creating and manipulating elements within the artwork. Procreate's seamless integration with popular cloud storage services ensures that artists can easily access and collaborate on their work across multiple devices. With its extensive feature set and innovative tools, Procreate empowers artists to push the boundaries of their creativity and create anything but basic artwork.

The Perfect Match 

The combination of Procreate and the Apple Pencil is often hailed as a perfect match, offering artists an unparalleled digital drawing and painting experience. The Apple Pencil's precise pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition seamlessly integrate with Procreate's advanced brush engine, allowing artists to achieve a level of control and responsiveness that rivals traditional media. The natural and fluid feel of the Apple Pencil on the iPad screen, combined with Procreate's seamless palm rejection, creates an immersive and intuitive drawing experience. Artists can enjoy the sensation of sketching, shading, and blending with remarkable accuracy and sensitivity, making the transition from traditional to digital art seamless. Procreate's extensive brush library and customizable settings further enhance the Apple Pencil's capabilities, offering artists a versatile range of brushes and tools to explore and experiment with. The combination of Procreate and the Apple Pencil unlocks digital art's full potential, providing artists with a powerful and satisfying creative toolset that feels like an extension of their natural artistic expression.

Power Moves 

Procreate is meticulously crafted with touch-centric design, prioritizing seamless creative experiences. Intuitive multi-touch gestures, such as the widely embraced two-finger tap for Undo, have become ingrained in the workflow of millions of creatives. Procreate empowers users to unleash their creative potential effortlessly by minimizing the interface complexities. The emphasis on touch sensitivity ensures a fluid and natural interaction, allowing artists to focus on their craft without interruption. These instinctive gestures simplify the user interface and elevate the overall creative process, making Procreate a preferred digital canvas for artists seeking maximum efficiency in their artistic endeavors.

Unveiling The Procreate Subscription Model

In the dynamic world of digital artistry, Procreate has emerged as a leading canvas for creative minds. As artists explore the vast possibilities within the app, the question of subscription and pricing naturally arises. Let's delve into Procreate's subscription model to understand the brushstrokes of value it brings to the table.

A One-Time Purchase Wonder:

Procreate stands out by offering a one-time purchase model, a rarity in the subscription-dominated software landscape. For a modest initial investment, users gain access to a powerful suite of creative tools without the ongoing financial commitment.

Unlocking Pro Features:

While the initial purchase grants access to a robust set of features, Procreate extends its capabilities further with a Pro subscription. This optional subscription introduces exclusive features, frequent updates, and a more enriched creative experience.

Procreate Pocket:

For artists on the go, Procreate Pocket caters to the mobile creative experience. As a separate app designed for iPhones, it provides the flexibility to sketch and create wherever inspiration strikes. The subscription for Procreate Pocket complements the main Procreate app seamlessly.

The Procreate Subscription Advantage:

Opting for the Pro subscription not only unlocks a suite of advanced tools but also ensures continuous updates. Procreate's commitment to evolving alongside the ever-changing needs of the creative community guarantees that subscribers are always equipped with the latest features and enhancements..

In the palette of subscription-based models, Procreate distinguishes itself by providing a blend of accessibility, value, and continuous improvement. Whether you're a novice exploring the wonders of digital art or a seasoned professional seeking advanced features, Procreate's subscription options cater to a spectrum of creative needs, ensuring that every stroke on the digital canvas is a stroke of inspiration.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Procreate stands as a testament to innovation in digital artistry. Its thoughtful design revolves around the core concept of touch, fostering a seamless connection between the artist and the canvas. With many multi-touch gestures, including the widely embraced two-finger tap for Undo, Procreate effortlessly transforms the creative workflow. Procreate minimizes interface complexities by prioritizing intuition, allowing users to easily dive into their artistic expressions. Whether you're an aspiring artist or a seasoned professional, Procreate's commitment to touch-centric design has redefined the possibilities of digital creation, making it a go-to platform for those seeking a harmonious blend of functionality and creativity.

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